Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to win Friends and influence people

How to win Friends and influence people:

If two people meet then either you will build wall or bridge.
Consider distance while talking new people:
1. 1-1.5 feet: Only for wife-husband.
2. 1.5 - 4 feet: Among brother - sister, or among close friends.
3. 4 - 12 feet: For new people, neighbor, business associate.
4. Min 12 feet: if you are speaker on stage.

Hand shake is first and important things. It shows your confidence, how to do it:
 - While meeting with female then she has first right to do hand shake. If she want then she can hand shake otherwise not.
- While meeting with elder person then he has first right to do hand shake. He wants then only we can do hand shake.
- While meeting with senior people then he has first right to do hand shake.

- If you are introducing junior person to senior person then first you should give junior person introduction to senior person. Then only senior person will decide that whether he has to do hand shake or not.

- Never do tight grip hand shake with female.
- Never touch to female while talking.
- Hold elder person hand by your both hand to give more respect.

- Call any person with his name always.
- Ask his/her name and try to remember and always use his/her name. In this way, he/her will be very happy to listen own name and in other way you will remember his/her name.
- Always give chance to other person. Always use this word while talking, ok, good, thats great, wonderful, nice, ok - ok, thats really nice.
- Always keep your mobile phone in silent mode while talking to other person. If you will receive your mobile phone then other person will feel ignorance.
- Always meet on time.
- Communication(word) is only effective 7% and non communication( body language, tone, face expression)  effect 93%. Out of 93%, 38% is body language  and 55% is your tone & voices. Means your body language and tone are more important things while talking. These two thing body language and tone are actually transfer your feeling (what is running in your inner) to in front person. So, talk with from your heart.

- Always try to find out the scope for his appreciation. And use some appreciation word to him. Any age person does happy when he gets any appreciation word.

- Listen more and speak less.
- Discuss his hobby, achievement.
- Always look some way to say Thanks to any person.
- Thanks to driver, traffic police, office mate.
- Leave your ego in your home itself.
- Use this word always 'May I help you'?
- Always share your knowledge among many persons.
- Always reach at party before time and leave party at last, so you will get more chance to meet more people.
- Try to minimize your fault searching activity.
- Try to ignore small small fault of any person. Do not search 100% accuracy in any person.
- Greet on other achievement. Keep it up, woow. Search cheers for other also.
- Never damage any third person with your friend. It will damage your image.

Monday, July 7, 2014

How to sell Insurance policy

How to sell Insurance policy

LIC Agent works is not very easy and but not so hard also.
Do your business with from your heart and give correct information to client.

Some Tips (You need to read this blog once in week to keep active your motivation):

1. Make your self socialistic. Means let all your round people know that you are a LIC agent.
2. Work is worship, so you should have any hesitate to tell to any person that you are a LIC agent.
3. Distribute your business card to many people. Make one target that every month I have to distribute at least 500 business card among people. If you could not distribute 500 card in any month then end of month day you throw your business card at temple, mosque, shopping mall, sport stadium.
4. Be always ready to help other people in your round. At least 3 people every day.
5. Give always best service like nomination change, loan service from LIC etc.
6. Before client approach for any maturity (mostly in money back policy), you should approach him.
7. Always reach to client at given time, never be late. If you late then they will think that if this time you are late then your service would not be prompt.
8. During explaining policy to any customer, do not say that if policyholder will die, take your client example directly, if you will be very effect on policy holder.
9. If any client say that his current economic situation is allowing for LIC premium then you should say to him that if you are alive and you are not running your family then after your dead, how your family will survive. Therefor you must take LIC policy.
10. If any person has already some small LIC policy then try to explain him that this mush SA sum assured is not sufficient after your death for your family.
11. Do not give any discount. Because people like costly stuff in market.
12. Try to find out client economic situation and give this funda to them a. Tax planning b. Saving.
13. All your near person should know that you are a LIC agent like your milk supplier, your grocessory, your paper seller, you neighbor, your Wassermann, your petrol station person.
14. Always carry Proposal Form with you. Solider should have always weapon.

1. Never market slow. Remove myth. It will be always. Forget these things and give focus on your business.
2. If you will not sale policy then other will sale policy. So dont lose opportunity.
3. Start your smile and having good behave from your house itself. Then this attitude will come automatically on your face.
4. Dress well, energetic, keep best stationary (paper, pen), good presentation.
5. Always try to explain that how much customer are getting benefit from this product.
6. Make your target always high, till person start saying that you are made.
7. Be proud on your product because:
   - LIC is a big brand and associated with Government.
   - LIC has very nice product.
   - LIC offer product in competitive price.
8. Agent should not have any religion, caste, test, favorite fruit, favorite politician... Agent religion should be client religion, agent favorite should be customer favorite. Mean to say agent should be like water, water does not have any shape. But if you put water in glass, water become glass shape, now put water in bucket; it become bucket shape. Same, agent should have capability to change his nature, test, behave as per the customer. Leave old technique for sell and try to get new idea for selling.

9. OEM. (One Eye Man). Agent always should see to all customer in one eye. There should NOT be any parameter like caste, qualification, religion, color, etc.

10. MAN (Money Authority and Need).
     - Customer must have money.
     - Customer should have authority to spend money. If customer says that I will ask to my father or friend           then try to setup meeting with his father or friend.
     - Customer should have need to purchase your policy.

- Always keep one benefit hide from customer. And when customer is about to close the deal or thinking about final decision then give that hide benefit to him. It could be like your service, or payment after finishing his policy like new jeevan anand benefit.

How to convert customer's NO to YES.
These are four things customer used to say for ignoring you.
1. I have enough LIC policy already and there is no need currently.
    - Then try to find out customer need like if his policy ends at her age 52 then try to explain that actually          need of policy at age of 60. So take some policy who will cover your old age.
    - You can say to customer that if your car is insured then why not you. Is car is more costlier than your          life.
   - Try to do X-Ray of customer. You should tell him that what he should purchase and why. But you should have enough answer for this why. For this answer, you have search/analysis customer needs, interest, life concern and family stuff. Customer can spend money but they will never throw money. So you have to explain where customer should spend money.
2. What is the benefit of LIC, if I die then what is the use for me.
   - Explain him what how your family will run after your go. If you can purchase insurance for Car then why not for you. Is car is more important that you?
3.What is difference between Bank and LIC.
  - If you deposit 50000 to bank and if some thing happen to your life then how much bank will return to your family  - only 50000. But if you deposit 50000 to LIC then after you go, LIC will give 10,00,000 to your family.
4. We do not have money right now. I will purchase later.
  - You can say to client that any thing would be happen in this 15 days. Suppose if anything happen then just think on it.
  - There is no guarantee about your health.
  - If you want LIC policy then please take it soon. Do not wait for it.
  - Try to transfer your feeling to customer.

Categories your customer into 4 different category:
1. Customer who does not satisfied with you and does not purchase policy from you.
2. Customer who does satisfied with you and does not purchase policy from you.
3. Customer who does not satisfied with you and does purchase policy from you.
4. Customer who does satisfied with you and does purchase policy from you.

How to handle these categories:
Category 1: Keep this category at low level. Whenever you will get free time then try to meet these person or better forget this kind of customer. You can not sell your product to all world.
Category 2: Do X-Ray of customer need, requirement and explain why he should purchase your product. Try to convert this category into category 4.
Category 3: This is your growth but doubt here for losing other customer. Either leave this customer or take some time for him for better product.
Keep in your mind: one satisfied customer can give your 100 new customer to you BUT one dissatisfied customer can take 1000 your existing customer.        
Category 4: This is your assets. Keep it on top priority. Take it center of references. Use this customer name in your new customer. You can get some repeat business from them.

- If customer is not satisfied with you have to need to improve your skill on insurance. Just think about Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer they always enhance their skill to cope with competition. Same it is, you have to also study, read blog, browsing internet and watch video to enhance your skill level.

- Do not under estimate your any person. Do you know how much one chicken shop, pani puri, tea stall make money in one day. Some of these people earn 5000 per day. So, do not hesitate and try to all your near business person.

- Go to any shop and try to purchase any small things to just start your business conversation with that person.

Every morning pray to God with these lines:
1. Give me better health.
2. Give more happiness to my family.
3. Give me more increase in my income.
4. My mind run more fast.
5. Get more respect in society.
6. My soul become more pure.

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